The MYRACEDRIVER program has been created in 2003 by Julien Gerbi, in order to finance his career through an idea similar to crowd funding.

By creating a structure in which any sponsor and investor was allowed, even with the smallest apportation, he managed to climb various ladders of motor racing up to Formula 2.

How it works?

Step 1:

Invest the amount of your choice on one of the myracedriver’s selected racers (from 50 €).

Step 2:

Be included in the investors’ pool and receive goodies and prices from a direct communication with your driver up to race used suits, helmets, VIP passes to races and on-track racing events.

Step 3:

If your driver receives prize-money or salary as a racing driver, 50% of his incomes will return to all his investors, proportionally to the investment made (example : a 10.000 € investment in a 1.000.000 € pool will make you own 1% of the driver’s redistributed incomes).